I lead a team of product designers at Vox Media that oversees 18 editorial networks, and the news products that deliver them. Our most recent project was the relaunch of The Verge. Prior to this, I was an editorial product design director for New York Magazine, and its portfolio of six unique editorial brands. I have redesigned identities, design systems and web sites for The Cut, The Strategist and Curbed. Those projects produced a component based article page design system, an affiliate commerce site with a suite of commerce components, and a homepage redesign in tandem with a subscription paywall launch. Editorial Product Design most accurately describes my approach to the work: creating fully automated news products that retain the expression and polish of a unique custom experience. After 25 years of editorial experience working with editors, writers, designers, and story tellers, I have built trusted partnerships with editorial stakeholders and bringing that deep knowledge to the product itself, has allowed me to deliver excellent outcomes that meet both business and creative objectives. The strength of our editorial brands, the quality of the experiences we create, and the trust we build with our audiences, comprise the foundation upon which we build a profitable company.